Queens Edit-a-thon a Success

The Queens edit-a-thon was a resounding success. We filled the Queens Central Library computer lab with Wikipedians and added more than 15 new users.

Good going ever

yone and thank you to the senior wikipedians who showed up to help beginners join this exciting adventure.

Can ‘Black Wikipedia’ Take Off Like ‘Black Twitter’? - ColorLines

Colorlines front page

Wikipedia doesn’t track frequent contributors by race. But, “it’s a known fact inside our movement that black people are not well represented within the Wiki community,” says longtime editor Milos Rancic via e-mail from Serbia. (Indeed, Wikipedia has a detailed “systemic bias” article on its demographics.) Rancic, a former president of Wikimedia Serbia, one of the organization’s early chapters, has volunteered with Wikimedia for 11 of its 14 years in existence.

For African Americans, New Crowdsourcing Initiative Offers Digital Opportunity to Tell Stories Accurately, Reveal Stories Untold - Our Time Press

So who’s controlling the information received, and the edits of information, about people of African descent? And are people of African descent accurately represented among the existing body of articles and among the editors of Wikipedia?

Black Life Matters Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Have you ever looked at Wikipedia and said to yourself, “something’s missing”? Now is your chance to learn how to edit Wikipedia while improving the website's entries on Black history and culture. With our Wikipedia Edit-a-thon event, you will be able to create entries like the "Harlem Book Fair" or add images of Xenobia Bailey’s beautiful crochet artwork to her page.