AfroCROWD's Next Wikipedia Editation to be at the Hostos Center For the Arts Feb. 27th, 12-3pm

AfroCROWD's Next Wikipedia Editation will with the Bronx Arts Council

February 27th, 12pm-3pm @

Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture

450 Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York 10451

AfroCROWD is excited about this event which will focus on the history of Afro-descendants in the Bronx.


AfroCROWD's First Edit-a-thon for 2016 Slated at Famed Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Harlem NYC

                     RSVP Here has planned a great year ahead with a lot of fantastic events and edit-a-thons in store.  For our first Wikipedia edit-a-thon for 2016, Saturday, February 6th, from 12-5PM at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, we celebrate AfroCROWD's one year anniversary and return to where we started a year ago, Black Wiki History Month. We will reconnect with a focus on Black Life Matters for an empowering day-long edit-a-thon on notable events and people in Afro-descendant history.....


Dec. 13th is the Final AfroCROWD Wikipedia edit-a-thon of 2015. Join us all day (1-5pm) at the Brooklyn Library for this Year-End Event!

 It´s been a great year at AfroCROWD. Thank you for sharing it with us!  Join us for our 2015 Year-End Wikipedia edit-a-thon, December 13th, 1-5pm at the the Brooklyn Public Library as we close out and celebrate the year. Free light refreshments all day. Feel free to bring friends. It´s a great time to connect with new Wikipedians and old. The focus topic this session is Black film and film makers.

AfroCROWD to be featured in Crowd Consortium

Crowd Consortium

Afrocrowd is a new initiative which seeks to increase the number of people of African Descent who actively partake in the Wikimedia and free knowledge, culture and software movements.

Above, Executive Director Alice Backer explains why diversity is so important in crowdsourcing initiatives in this advance look at our interview.

Stay tuned until next week when we release the full interview.......

Announcing Black Film Makers Wikipedia Edit-a-thon 12/13 at Brooklyn Public Library

Sunday, Decembe13th, 1-5pm, at the Brooklyn Public Library, 10 Grand Army Paza, Brooklyn, NY whether producers, directors, or other talent in-front-of and behind the scenes, this Wikipedia edit-a-thon will put the spotlight on people of African decent who have made not

Basquiat: Still Fly @ 55 and other Notable Black Artists Edit-a-thon at MoMA Nov. 10th, 2015

Who are the names behind these masterpieces of Afro-Art? Do you have a favorite black artist you wish the world knew more about? Do you want to learn more about black artists like Basquiat who have revolutionized art history? 

Join AfroCROWD, Basquiat: Still Fly @ 55 and the Black Lunch Table this Tuesday, November 10th, 6-8:30 pm at the MoMA, NYC for our Wikipedia edit-a-thon where we will explore and tell the world about Notable Black Artists and their tremendous contribution to the world of art. 

>>RSVP<< today!


"Anne Washington Derry" - NARA - 559139.jpgLawrence Jacob Self-Portrait 1977.jpgImage result for american gothic washington d.c

AfroCROWD Women of the Africa Diaspora Themed BPL Edit-a-thon "Powerful"

Embedded image permalink Embedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink After creating his first Wikipedia article at Sunday's AfroCROWD / DAWN Wikipedia Edit-a-tion, a newly minted Wikipedian exclaimed, this is powerful! I can edit the world! The "powerful" event attracted participants of all ages and backgrounds, including proud Garifuna culturist Teo Colon, and Betty Davis of the Black Librarians Caucus.  Exciting day, fun times, history liiterally made.

Photo credit: Teofilo Colón above depicting Dionisia Amaya is by Teofilo Colón of 

About 25 of you gathered at the Brooklyn Public Library's Info Commons to edit articles about African Diaspora Women on Sunday October 25th. 

Check out the articles edited/improved list. 

Among many others, Teofilo Colón attended. We had discussed some of his frustrations with submitting articles to Wikipedia about a month ago at WikiConference USA at the National Archives. 

Among other highlights ... 

Reserve your spot at our next edit-a-thon, Tuesday November 10th 6-8:30pm at the MoMA. >>RSVP<<  today!

AfroCROWD featured in The Signpost: the Wikipedia Journal

Here is an excerpt fromthe Oct 14th edition of The Signpost: the Wikipedia Journal featuring  AfroCROWD!

"The next morning I emerged from the Metro stop on Pennsylvania Avenue to the sounds of a brass and drum band playing "Poison" by Bel Biv DeVoe. It was the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March, and the sidewalks and streets were filled with vibrant celebration and activity. Inside NARA, the day's keynote was delivered by Alice Backer of AfroCrowd; this is a new organization devoted to improving the representation and participation of Africans and African-Americans in Wikipedia and other open-access projects. It was important that their vital work was on center stage at this conference, and not scheduled during the concurrent sessions as an optional "diversity" session that most conference participants might skip.

Highlighting the example of the documentary Garifuna in Peril, and topics related to the Garifuna—a Central American language and ethnic group of African and indigenous origin—Backer noted the problems encountered by editors mentored by AfroCrowd when attempting to write about topics unfamiliar to the white male-dominated editor base of Wikipedia. This problem is hardly limited to AfroCrowd: it happens with many different groups of new editors and topic areas. Many in the audience offered examples of their own experiences with these difficulties, as I did myself...... "