AfroCROWD a Keynote at WikiCon NA 2017 in Montreal, Canada before Wikimania 2017

AfroCROWD will be a keynote presentation at the 2017 WikiConference, North America on August 10th, 2017 in Montreal, Canada. AfroCROWD founder Alice Backer and AfroCROWD program manager Sherry Antoine will speak on the work of AfroCROWD.  WikiCon is a gathering of Wikipedians from across North America and is the precursor to Wikimania which is a worldwide gathering of the same. Wish us well, and if you are in town, we would love to see you. Along with our presenation, AfroCROWD will present at two workshops during both WikiConfere North America and Wikimania 2017. Both events of a lifetime! If you are in the Monreal area or already attending either conference, please join us.