AfroCROWD featured on AOL's MAKERS


AOL @MAKERS has featured AfroCROWD in its article on our work with Art + Feminism and the recent Women's History Wikipedia Edit-a-thon at MoMA. Take a look! 

Women Are Editing Wikipedia for Equality | MAKERS

Excerpt: "To address the lack of diversity on the site, women and minorities have been leading efforts in editing Wikipedia to accurately reflect stories of prominent women and people of color. The edit-a-thons have been hosted by various groups — most recently AfroCROWD, a New York City-based initiative to build Wikipedia's coverage of black history and culture.

The organization's founder, Alice Backer, said in an interview, if black movements can use Twitter to shape their narratives and provide eyewitness accounts, why not redress the same bias in Wikipedia?

It's been noted that at most of AfroCROWD's events, the editors have been at least 50 percent women, a much larger percentage than that of WIkipedia editors. "


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